Engineering, development and support

Debrief is a chat bot aimed at solving work tasks: preparing for a business meeting, reflecting on a decision made and analyzing a conflict with a subordinate.

Goal and Solution

The concept of the product has been changed for several times during the development. It was supposed to be a Slack tool for offline activities, an assistant for a managed retrospective and a business coach.

As a result, we have created the foundation for a flexible product that can be adapted to the company’s goals and objectives: to be a personal business coach, a daily bot, a mental-health survey about the state of employees or a tool for collecting retrospectives within the team.

What kind of product Debrif is, is entirely scripted.

Sergey, Project Manager

One of the first scenarios we identified was the preparation for the meeting. You need to ask the questions “Who will be there?”, “What are your theses?” and run through the preparation scenario.

This whole dialogue could be a draft for a shareable email that you are able to send to colleagues in a meeting invitation.

Now the product includes:
  • Interface — chat bots for Slack and Telegram. The robot asks questions, guides the user through a dialogue that helps to see, fix and diagnose the problem.
  • Script Builder is a flexible editor where the administrator can create and manage dialogs.

  • Web screens with memo — logs of the conversation with the bot. They can be supplemented and sent to colleagues for discussion or feedback.

The scenario can be linear when questions are asked one after the other.

Or it can include sub-dialogues: for example, during the preparation of a meeting, the bot asks a diagnostic question “how do you feel?”. If the bot is informed about a bad mood, it immediately drives the person through the diagnostic and self-help scenario.

The bot configurator is based on YAML. The configuration file describes the dialog tree, the logic of the transition from one question to another, and custom commands can be created there as well.

Memos are small web notes. They have a permanent URL and an interface for editing with markdown. They can be shared: sent by email, shared with the whole team or made public.

Tim, Developer

What I remember is that it was cool to optimize the memo page.

We’ve connected an Notion-style editor that allows you to edit text directly, use markdown. All this weighed a lot and the page loaded slowly. And we always want to load web apps instantly. We have reduced the size of the data loaded before the first content display to 7 kilobytes.

  • the main development language — Typescript,
  • web service hosting — Vercel
  • database — PlanetScale
  • chat platforms — Telegram and Slack
  • the main library for the Slack bot is Bolt


Research, custdev, engineering, design, development, launch

Gedolist is a restaurant guide app where professional chefs and restaurateurs, sommeliers and bartenders, journalists and gourmets share their discoveries. They recommend their favorite places in major cities: Paris, London, Dubai and others.


The idea of Hedolist is a narrow list of places recommended by real people-insiders — chefs, critics, journalists — and verified by the editors. In order not to suffer from endless reading of reviews and sorting by ratings.

During the custdev interviews we saw a lot of passionate people following hundreds of chats, making maps and keeping lists of places they've been or want to visit. It turned out that while choosing where to eat, a person mostly trust someone else’s recommendation.

Recommendations were implemented by Foursquare: the user sees the places where his friends go, sees their reviews and makes a choice according to this principle.

There are guides like Michelin — this is a manually written content and places verified by people. But we haven't found any products that combine both of these ideas.


I'm about everything that is not related to codes: client processes, product and project management. When I was in Tbilisi, it was really difficult to choose where to go for a coffee, dinner or wine. Then I asked our customer to add Tbilisi because otherwise it's completely impossible. And he made Tbilisi.


We are 7 people. Lucy is responsible for client processes and project management. Sergey is the architect and CTO: he chose the stack and made technical decisions. Nelly and Chinci are designers.

Tim and Max are developers. Max was responsible for backend, Tim wrote the application itself. Denis acted as a consultant — for the first few months he reviewed our code and protected us from wrong decisions.


I've been living in Tbilisi for almost 3 years and was designing Gedolist interface. I like to explore new places, local cuisine, look for interesting places. While finishing one task my colleague Nelly has joked it would be cool for me to become an insider in Tbilisi. And then Nelly wrote to the founder, he sent the guide manual, I filled it out, and now I'm one of two insiders in Tbilisi. This is so cool!

Codes and Processes

We divided the work on the application into projects. The project is a big product feature. Each project consists of decomposed tasks. Next is the kanban board, where tasks from running projects were collected.

For Hedolist we chose the following stack:

  • Multiplatform framework Flutter and Dart language for the application code,
  • Sanity for application content management,
  • Firebase and Planetscale for the user system,
  • Apollo, Prisma and Typescript,
  • GraphQL for interaction between the client application and the server.


I'm the developer. Previously I worked in companies dealing with large clients and long-term projects: internal ERPs, complex CMSs. Then I came to Good iT Works and immediately started working on Hedolist. In September I moved to Kyiv. When the war began, it became not fun at all: it was not possible to focus but later I just got used to it. Although the windows were trembling, it didn't seem so terrible in comparison with Mariupol.


As the result we got the product that didn't exist before. The application that both the client and the team liked, which we ourselves will be happy to use. Except Tim who is more into street food.

Maxim Popov, Founder of Hedolist Guide

Yes, probably this is not the cheapest team on the market, but if your  goal is to get a quality product with a clear structure and description of all work and processes stages, I strongly recommend it!


Consulting, development and operation

Yung is a web service at the intersection of meditation and psychotherapy. It helps with problems that people usually go to a psychotherapist for — burnout, depression or anxiety disorder.

Alexander Anastasin, Founder of Yung

We wanted to combine meditation and psychotherapy. The result is Yung — the service for adaptive self therapy. We can say this is a psychotherapy in the meditation form with accompaniment.

How it works

First, the user is diagnosed using a survey. Based on the results, the algorithm suggests several courses that can help with his problem.

Passing the course, the user reports his condition every day. Based on this, the AI system selects an individual plan for the day.

The plan consists of:
  • 20-minute therapeutic audio session, the content of which depends on the characteristics of the user and his current condition,
  • articles — supporting scientific information about how this or that psychotherapeutic technique works,
  • surveys compiled by a team of psychotherapists. Due to them, the algorithm learns and starts to select techniques suitable for the user better and better.
What was done

For the website we used  Next.js framework — it allows to make pages that load literally in milliseconds. Using Prisma ORM it's connected to the database on PlanetScale.

Max, Lead Developer

Usually Next.js is used on websites without authorization, where the content is the same for each user. But we came up with a wonderful idea that allows you to use authorization and not give up Next.js features that make pages load very quickly.

The service is integrated with WhatsApp and Telegram bots that send reminders not to forget about meditation. It's also possible to chat with a psychologist via these bots.

Lucy, Product Manager

We took on Yung because we generally like everything dealing with meditation or psychotherapy — this was an opportunity to participate in creating something useful for the world. I held online meditation retreats a few years ago, and when we were making Doctors Must Be Protected, we released manuals with self-help techniques and organized several seminars for doctors and individual consultations with psychologists.

And in June 2022 we have launched a Joy-package for all Good iT Works employees to support mental and physical health. Of course, it includes compensation of the therapy.

Only between us

Product management, development, operation

Top Secret Project is a project under NDA for a large company. We can’t tell anything about it: can’t show the product (although it turned out great!), mention the customer or disclose the technology stack. But we can keep it in our memory (and our hearts).

Goal and Solution

One secret but well-known company on the market has decided to open a new direction. An internal startup that needs to be launched with testing the main hypotheses and either developed into a full-fledged direction or canceled. Internal startups are hard to do in large (and secret!) companies because they must develop dynamically and not pulling all the resources. This is where we helped.

We have designed, developed, launched such a startup. It's notvavailable on the Internet — only employees use it. It seems that's all we have the right to say 😉

Such a tough thing this NDA

Our client has allowed to show several slides of the project. Non-publicly, without disclosing the projectc's name and only to potential customers. We are thankful for that 😘


Design, development and launch

A well-known news portal of socio-political topics. It focuses on news coverage, analytics, columnism on the judicial, law enforcement and penitentiary systems of Russia, as well as on various manifestations of the persecution of Russian citizens for their political views.

Goal and Solution

The customer applied with the objective of complete service's processing:

  • interface of the website,
  • editorial management systems with support for collaboration,
  • tools for online broadcasting.

For the first two years the service worked on Bitrix platform but with the development its limitations — the performance, first of all — have ceased to satisfy.

Bright Kitchen

Development of a system for chefs' work optimization in the client's kitchens

Bright Kitchen is a chain of dark-kitchens — restaurants for delivery, without a hall for visitors. The chain includes brands Varlamov.Est, Kitchen 420, Vedomosti.Lunch, Curry On!, Zen Sushi and Ramen. You could saw them in Yandex.Food delivery or Delivery Club in Russia 😉

Goal and Solution

The client applied for the IT expertise and assistance in identifying products that will help improve current processes in the kitchens.

We conducted over 20 interviews with Bright Kitchen' employees, described current processes using the JTBD (Jobs To Be Done) concept and formed a list of product candidates for implementation. We helped determine the leaders depending on the benefits that we'll achieve after their implementation, the cost and development time and our confidence in these estimates.

First Product

Developed WCN — "What to Cook Next?" is a service that helps chefs in their work. It breaks orders into dishes and determines the cooking order of these dishes using several customizable algorithms.

The service scales to all kitchens and helps several hundred chefs.

Review of Mikhail Reider, CEO Bright Kitchen

«During the work Sergey Petrov, Lucy Golubkova and Max Eliseev showed their involvement into the company’s objectives and provided a systematic and creative approach to their solution.»

Varlamov's Christmas trees

Интеграция всей инфраструктуры магазина и телеграм-бот для отчётности

Online store for Ilya Varlamov and his ongoing project "Varlamov's Christmas Trees" — the sale of New Year's firs brought from European farms.

Goal and Solution

The project is seasonal and is frozen for 10 months a year. With such a life cycle anyone should be able to launch the service following instructions and the product should be as alienable as possible. We decided to rely on ZeroCode principle — the practice of developing without programming. The website, acquiring, CRM system, telephony, emails, reporting for business have been launched and can work without the developers' participation.

First, we described all the cases that a business needs and conducted an in-depth study of tools for launching a website, making payments, managing orders, telephony, organizing a warehouse and logistics. We compared the functionality of these systems, how easily they integrate with each other, paid attention to the speed of technical support response.

What we got

The main pages of the website are on Tilda, Ecwid is used for managing goods and placing orders, OrangeData — as online checkout and Yandex.Kassa as acquiring partner. Managers work with orders in AmoCRM, which is integrated with Zapier. From the CRM system it's possible to call customers, send messages and emails.

But still we had to write some code 💖 We made a Telegram bot that knows and can respond to 15 commands: report data on sales, stock balances, used coupons, delivery methods.

It's this operational information that businesses rely on when making decisions about pricing policy and marketing strategy.

Review of Ilya Varlamov

«On behalf of myself and the whole team of Varlamov's Christmas Trees' project, I express my gratitude to Good iT Works and personally to Lucy Golubkova for the successful implementation and full support of the IT system of our project for two years.»


Consulting, design, development, launch, operation

Clicker helps buyers to order the installation, assembly and configuration of purchased household appliances or furniture and to retailers — to integrate with installation companies.

Goal and Solution

Clicker is a startup that came to us after receiving the first investment for development of its main products. We have done:

  • the clients' application where they can manage their orders,
  • connected and set up a system for managing these orders,
  • embeddable widgets for online stores.

All products are connected and work with such clients as Samsung, «Petrovich», online store and others.


The design stage took 50% of the time and resources, due to this the clients' application was completed in a month.

An example of an embedded widget can be viewed on online store

Review of Oleg Sobolev, СЕО Clicker

«They work quickly, systematically and professionally. They helped us to formulate and decompose development tasks. The deadlines were always respected and the communication was organized in a convenient and structured way.»


Design, development and operation, hiring in-house team

Giveback is a closed platform for managing volunteer activity within large companies. Successfully works in Sberbank, Qiwi and Deloitte.

Goal and Solution

The service allows to implement the full cycle of the company's volunteer activities: organization of charitable events, involvement and communication of employees into this area, advanced analytics for HR and CSR managers.

Review of Kirill Khvil, COO Giveback

«In case of difficulties, each member of the team showed understanding and was always ready to help. The lack of a formal attitude towards the tasks performed was a pleasant surprise.»

All Talents

Consulting, engineering, design, development, launch and operation

A professional network for film, TV and theater professionals. A closed service for creative people — actors, directors, screenwriters where they can find investments and assemble a team to implement their projects.

Goal and Solution

We held a series of consultations, helped to form a strategy and roadmap, detailed the project and began development.

We work iteratively and constantly update the product, synchronize with the client once a week and continue developing the project.


The main service is available only by invites.

Only a small part of the system is opened, for example: contests, announcements and people.

Review of Alexey Ilinsky, CEO All Talents

«The Good iT Works team are professionals with a serious approach to the project they are leading. Separately, I would like to thank Sergey Petrov and Lucy Golubkova for their indifference to our project, patience and ability to catch up the project.»


Our internal volunteer project

The idea and implementation of projects to provide doctors with protective equipment and free psychological assistance during the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

What was done

When hospitals started profiling patients with COVID-19 they were not ready for this — the means of protection were not purchased, the first medics started getting sick, whole departments were put into quarantin, doctors were stuck in hospitals.

We've decided to help — published a Facebook post discribing a real situation with a purpose of collecting money.

As the result we:

  • figured out what personal protective equipment (PPE) was appropriate for different medics and where it could be bought;
  • found a friendly fund ready to participate in the project and open a fundraiser;
  • created a manual to develop similar volunteer initiatives in other regions;
  • found the  psychologists willing to advise doctors for free;
  • sent hundreds of boxes with PPE to Moscow and regional hospitals.